Ground Rules

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One of the most important parts of religious discourse, in my opinion, is respect. With that in mind, I ask my readers and commentators to observe a few basic rules when interacting with this blog.

  1. Religion is a deeply personal and often inflammatory issue. If you can’t discuss it calmly or rationally, please take your debate elsewhere. I believe strongly in free speech, but speech that is hateful or inflammatory will not be tolerated.
  2. I am not on a mission to convert others to my point of view. Please provide me with the same courtesy; my decision to leave Christianity is entirely my own.
  3. I wish no ill will upon others for their personal beliefs. If you have a faith that makes you a better person, I’m genuinely happy for you. While I may express my frustration with how others may express that faith (generally if and when I feel that it infringes upon my rights), I am not out to target anyone.
  4. While I have personal reasons for assuming an alias, I want to stand behind what I write here. I will gladly respect the anonymity of fellow authors and commentators when it is used appropriately.

Thanks for playing nicely.


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